We’ve been sloooowwwwlllllyyyyy plodding toward a final design and getting cost estimates from contractors for our little fixer-upper.  After we had to go back to the drawing board (when we found out the measurements we were working from were off by 3 feet – a lot for a 1200 sq. ft. house!), we’re happy with two possible floor plans.

But before I jump into that, I thought I’d share the very first signs of progress: the roof.

The roof is one of those “100-Year Roofs” with asbestos tile – I love how it looks, but it’s pretty tough to fix.  We think it was put on in the 1950s (after a tornado ripped through downtown Vicksburg and knocked off our chimneys!).

the pretty, old school roof

There were a few pretty big leaks that we got fixed because, luckily, they were on the edge of the roof and therefore easy to fix.  Although not an aesthetic fix, it was necessary!  We were not interested in replacing it, both for aesthetics and cost.

The front gable needed some attention since it was missing a lot of shingles, and water was starting to find its way inside.

our "100-year" roof - in need of a little love

We had the same roofers who fixed the shingles remove the remainder of the shingles and replace it with copper.  We were out of town the week they installed it, and expected to come home to something like this…

what we expected

But instead came home to this…


I mean, seriously?!  (1) the copper is just folded over – not finished, (2) it’s not even flush with the trim, (3) the bolts are not finish bolts and were really sloppily done, and (4) it’s not at all what I expected.

It’s totally my fault because I was supposed to send example pics and didn’t communicate it well to Husband to communicate to the roofer.  100% me fail.

So, needless to say, the roofer got a picture and they came back and fixed it to this…

MUCH better

from another angle

Very good first renovation lesson learned:

  • pictures are worth a thousand words (and hand motions!)

Although it’s a very small step forward, and we have a LONG way to go, it feels good to have at least one thing checked off the list and look pretty good!

now for some sanding, bondo, and paint!

Do you have any contractor lessons learned to share???