After rummaging through the Brooklyn Flea while up visiting Sister, she went off to get ready for a performance (she’s an actress!), and I walked up and down the streets of SoHo, stopping in stores here and there, and doing my best to avoid the mobs on Broadway (though I did have to make a stop in Sephora!).

I walked past one storefront and saw it: the Kartell Ghost Chair.

i should very much like this!

[Husband: if you are reading this, your wife would be one happy girl to have this chair arrive as a just-because gift or a late Valentine’s gift or even a future birthday gift!  Just sayin’.  🙂 ]

So of course I went in!  Kartell is a company that produces furniture and other “habitat” pieces totally out of plastic in a range of colors.

it was like a rainbow of plastic

Honestly, I am not a big fan of most of the furniture and housewares – it’s a bit to modern for my taste – but that ghost chair is styled with a traditional round back shape that it makes it feel less modern.  Traditional with a twist, maybe?

kartell's clear plastic chairs

They had several floor models out, so I was sure to test them out.  For being made of plastic, the ghost chair was remarkably comfortable and sturdy feeling!  Most of the other models? – not so much.

A few items were for sale in back.  Barbie chair anyone?  Ha!  Among the discounted pieces was this lucite bar stool.  Do your recognize it???

can't get that stool out of my mind!

YES, the very same stool in the apartment of my dreams, featured in January’s Renovation Style and seen all over bloggieworld (and I think I read and re-read the article probably 15 times I loved her apartment so much!):

anna kohler's kitchen, as shown in renovation style

[I would accept 2 or 3 of those stools as a gift for our kitchen as well.  🙂 ]

They also had some cute mini versions of ghost chair, but in opaque black, for a lucky little girl’s fabulous tea table.

how cute are these?!

The other side of the store showcased their array of colors on the various chair styles:

talk about color!

So what’s your take? Would you buy a plastic chair like this for your home?  Or is it a little too modern for you?


I have a lot of favorite things.  Some are fleeting likes, leaving my favorites list as quickly as they arrived; others border on obsession.

One borderline obsessive favorite thing is the Kartell Ghost Chair.  What is this chair that causes me to sigh and begin redecorating (in my head, of course), you might ask?  Take a look:

there it is...must have

there it is...i must have it

See, it marries traditional with modern.  It has the antique Louis XVI shape (be still my heart), but it is so *now* in its lucite construction.  It can fit in a traditional space or a modern space or anywhere in between.  If it didn’t have the price tag it has, one (or more?) would already have taken up residence in my home!

This is no fleeting like…it’s a full blow obsession here, folks.  I even used a green version in my {One Room Three Ways} entryway series here, here and here.

Another borderline obsession is design blogs (well that’s obvious)…and quite specifically the renovation and DIY projects chronicled on the blog Brooklyn Limestone.


Mrs. Limestone, as she calls herself, has impeccable tastes and endless creativity, and documents all of her projects with really fantastic photography.  Needless to say, her blog is at the top of my daily read list.  (And Mrs. L, dont’ get weirded out, I swear I’m not a stalker!  Well maybe a blog stalker but not a real stalker!!!)

a few of my favorite things from her home

a few of my favorite things from her home

So why do I bring up the oh-so-beautiful Kartell Ghost Chair and the fabulous blog Brooklyn Limestone?!

Well, lucky for anyone who visits her blog here and makes a comment is entered to win a Lou Lou Ghost Chair!!! The Lou Lou is the pint-sized Ghost Chair (the small one in the above pic) specially sized for your fashion-forward little one.  So get on over there and make a comment!  But I still want to win it!  🙂