I’m up in Virginia visiting with some friends this week, and we decided to hit up the mall last night.  She was looking for another lampshade and to order a jute rug for her living room from Pottery Barn, and I was just a tag along.

Then I saw this not-so-little beauty sitting with a sign reading “Discontinued Clearance” with a big fat discounted price tag and I knew I HAD to have it.

totally in love

Mmmm tarnished brass.  I love it SO much.  I know Husband likes architectural lamps, so it wouldn’t be a tough sell.  So I texted him a pic and this was our text convo:

ME:   Don’t you LOVE?!?!

HIM:  Pretty cool!  Ok, if you want it.  What’s it for?

ME:  Ummm a table 🙂

HIM:  What table?!

ME:  Ummm a table TBD!

I am so convincing, aren’t I? I don’t exactly have a specific place for it yet but I know it won’t be hard.  I couldn’t let this one get away.

Not only do I love the shape, but I love the SIZE.  It’s BIG.  Like table lamp size, not just a task light.  Here’s some perspective:

it's 2 ft high (extends to 3 ft)

Not only is it purty, but it’s super functional too:

places to plug in my iPhone and laptop!

Husband said that part reminded him of a hotel lamp, but I think it’s genius!  Perfect for keeping my cords tidy on my desk.

I looked it up online and it’s the Architect’s Smart Technology Table Lamp, but doesn’t come in brass any more it looks like.

It’s being shipped down to M’ssippi so I don’t even have to worry about lugging it around on my flight home.  I can’t wait to put it in our house!  🙂