…is definitely my treasure!!!

This morning I was out the door early dropping Husband off at the airport.  We had to take a detour through town, and what did I spy in front of a restored antebellum home sticking out from a box of trash waiting to be sent to a far off landfill?!…

an antique chandelier!

In a spurt of pre-7AM energy (I am so not a morning person), I yelled to Husband, “Do a U-turn!!!  Did you see that chandelier?!?!”  He looked at me like I was crazy but obliged, and into the car went this pretty thing.

in love

I realize it’s hard to see a lot of the details on the chandy with all the living room business going on in the background, but this thing is just beautiful…despite the dirt and the missing prisms and the wonky tapers.

it's in need of a good cleaning and probably re-wiring

I’ve seen chandeliers like this for sale in several antique stores around town for $300-400.  The prices are probably insanely inflated, but still!  This is not a toss-able lighting fixture!  I’m glad I’ll be giving it a new home where it will be well loved and appreciated.  🙂

can you say perfect?

I’m thinking this pretty may find its home above the kitchen table when the house gets renovated.  It will be the perfect bit of vintage for the room.

i'll need to find some new prisms too!

I guess I need to add “learn how to re-wire antique chandeliers” to my to-do list, huh? And then clean it up, track down some extra prisms, and find some matching/coordinating chain loops so it will be long enough hanging from our 12-foot ceilings!

How about you?  What fabulous things have you found along the road?!


Do you ever have those moments when you see an item and it almost takes your breath away?  I was trolling through Craigslist and stumbled across this beauty…then gasped and let out a slow “WOW.”


Described as a “monumental early 19th century Georgian sideboard”, it measures in at 102″ W x 39″ D x 33″ H.


It’s a rounded back sideboard, “showing heavy aging and patina”.


If I had room in this little townhouse and a spare grand to spend, I would snatch this baby up in a heartbeat…  It is just too lovely for words!  And I wouldn’t change a thing – I love its worn appearance and aged look.  (I also really like its contrast against the industrial concrete.)

So if this beaut catches your fancy, it’s found here, but I’m sure it won’t last long!