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I’m up in Virginia visiting with some friends this week, and we decided to hit up the mall last night.  She was looking for another lampshade and to order a jute rug for her living room from Pottery Barn, and I was just a tag along.

Then I saw this not-so-little beauty sitting with a sign reading “Discontinued Clearance” with a big fat discounted price tag and I knew I HAD to have it.

totally in love

Mmmm tarnished brass.  I love it SO much.  I know Husband likes architectural lamps, so it wouldn’t be a tough sell.  So I texted him a pic and this was our text convo:

ME:   Don’t you LOVE?!?!

HIM:  Pretty cool!  Ok, if you want it.  What’s it for?

ME:  Ummm a table 🙂

HIM:  What table?!

ME:  Ummm a table TBD!

I am so convincing, aren’t I? I don’t exactly have a specific place for it yet but I know it won’t be hard.  I couldn’t let this one get away.

Not only do I love the shape, but I love the SIZE.  It’s BIG.  Like table lamp size, not just a task light.  Here’s some perspective:

it's 2 ft high (extends to 3 ft)

Not only is it purty, but it’s super functional too:

places to plug in my iPhone and laptop!

Husband said that part reminded him of a hotel lamp, but I think it’s genius!  Perfect for keeping my cords tidy on my desk.

I looked it up online and it’s the Architect’s Smart Technology Table Lamp, but doesn’t come in brass any more it looks like.

It’s being shipped down to M’ssippi so I don’t even have to worry about lugging it around on my flight home.  I can’t wait to put it in our house!  🙂


Back before we moved, we sold a few pieces of furniture on Craigslist that we knew we no longer wanted nor would have room for in our new place – all proceeds going to our “man chair fund”.  In no time flat, we had saved enough cash to buy the “man chair” my husband wanted forever.

What prompted the fund was a trip we made to Farmville, VA, in December to visit Greenfront Furniture‘s warehouses of furniture.  I spied a dead-ringer copy of Restoration Hardware’s too-rich-for-our-means Buster Chair (our original man chair love), the Oscar Chair made by King Hickory:

almost a deadringer for the buster, wouldn't you say?!

At less than half the cost, the leather just as buttery and distressed, and the sit of the chair just as comfy as the RH version, we ordered it right then and there (not in the above color, but in the color “Tumbleweed Cafe”).

…and then waited 10 weeks…very impatiently…and then it arrived last week!!!

man chair!!!

I love the oversized nailhead trim along the bottom of the ottoman and chair…

yay nailheads!

…and the distressed leather is just as soft as can be…

love the distressed leather

…and the tufted back is perfection!…

so comfy

The only differences I’ve noticed so far between this chair and our many test runs in the RH chair is that it’s a little narrower and the back is a little shorter (like one row of tufts lower).  Also, the ottoman doesn’t have tufting on the top like RH’s.  But, I think those differences are worth the $1800 we saved!

husband looks pretty happy, huh?!

So now the great debate is whether we should get a second so they wear the same!  The man chair saga continues!

So I know everyone in blogland has seen a little animal printed 1940s book popping up here and there…

…like on Eddie Ross‘ coffee table in the first issue of Lonny

eddie's fab coffee table

…and on Miles Redd‘s bookshelf…

do you spy it on that top shelf?

…and in Front Porch Studio‘s office (via High Heeled Foot in the Door)…

i'd love for my desk to look that put together!

…and the Matters of Style girls have gotten their hands on an amazing number of copies for their store (plus its elusive giraffe-swathed sequel, “Four Years of Paradise”)…

on the coffee table of one of the statement-making MoS girls

Well I guess I’m a follower.  I caved.  Maybe it was peer pressure, call it what you will, but my big move to M’ssipppi deserved a little treat for myself, right?  🙂  Plus it’s hard to resist that alluring splash of animal print.

So one day I was browsing eBay and found a coveted 1st edition of “I Married Adventure” by Osa Johnson for a Buy It Now price of only $22.50.  Click click click and it was mine!  Yespleaseandthankyou!

the dust jacket is in great condition!

Check how rich the colors are on the cover!

my very own copy!

so pretty

The interior binding needs a tiny bit of help, but it sure does look good in my living room, doesn’t it?! (which we’re very slowly settling into) – see it on the left hand table?:

we're slowly breaking in the living room of our apartment

The apartment gets great afternoon sun and is surprisingly nice with great greige paint (on all the walls!) and nicer than usual fixtures!  I can’t wait to get into our little fixer upper, but this apartment is a great temporary spot for us!

Did you spy my new book?  On the table to the left of the sofa?

there it is!

So am I a total lemming, following what’s trendy?!  Perhaps.  But I’m actually really excited to read it…not just stare at it.  🙂  Have you bought anything recently just because it’s popular?


Have you entered my giveaway for a pillow from AllModern.com?!?!  Make sure you comment!  The giveaway closes at midnight on Thursday, March 11!

I think I’ve mentioned before that Husband and I (Husband especially) are ga-ga over the Buster chair at Restoration Hardware.

mmm this would be so nice in our living room

It has been tested many times over on trips to the mall, but the price ($2200 for the chair + $900 for the ottoman) makes us gag.

Hopes dashed.  Dreams crushed.  Us left begging for a mega sale or to find it for dirt cheap at the outlets…

Enter Farmville, VA, (a mecca of discounted amazing furniture) on a day trip before Christmas (post on that to come), where we spotted this beaut:

almost a deadringer for the buster, wouldn't you say?!

Um, hello?!  Isn’t that like the Buster Chair’s more practical brother?!?!  It’s a bit smaller, but still very comfortable and has that oh-so-manly shape.  It comes in a variety of colors, and I think we’d get this one:

a yummy, distressed, chocolate brown

And the price?  $1800 for both the chair and ottoman.  Now that’s a price we can talk about.  I think we have a winner here!

So has begun the “Man Chair Fund”.  A little contribution from the parentals at Christmas here, some extra wallet cash there, and a few strategic Craigslist sales of stuff we no longer want this past week, and we’re well over halfway there!  We’re hoping to place the order next month!

How about you?  Anything you’re specially saving up for?!

Remember a little while back when I won a sunburst mirror on blog Everything LEB?  Well, it arrived not too much later and I FINALLY got it hung!  (How many weeks later?!  I know, I am awesome.)  Yippee!

Husband and I tested out a few different places in the house (difficult with all those pokey pieces of metal jutting out from the mirror) and finally decided on a bare spot above the sofa and between the french doors and window in our living room.  Here’s sneak peak:

i love it!

i love my new mirror!

Now, I would show the whole room, but I’m still not very happy with how it looks right now.  My home always feels like a work in progress, does yours?

Like…those curtains in the pic are on loan from my friend whose kitchen is getting re-designed, so I don’t have anything hanging over the window (to the right of the sunburst mirror in the pic); it makes it feel totally unbalanced!

…And although the curtains “go” really well with the wall color (Benjamin Moore’s Dijon), they’re a little dark and heavy for the space.

….Then there are the plaid pillows in the pic, which are nice (my mom made them for me!), but we’ve had them for a few years and it’s time for a change.

…And then seating-wise, we have 2 VERY LARGE sofas in the living room (one my choice, one Husband’s), so it makes the layout tough for the awkward space.

I could go on!  It’s hard to enjoy the space I have created because I always have so many new ideas and desires to mix it up, even though it is a warm and cozy space I am very thankful for.  Do you ever experience that feeling?  Where you look around your house and think of all the things you want to change instead of being happy with what you have?

But I digress.  I’m so excited for this new design element to add to my living room – thanks, Lindsay!

My mom, for the second year in the row, is up in NYC for the annual New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF).  She’s there with an old friend buying new inventory for a little shop she owns in Staunton *edit* Charlottesville, VA.  And where am I, you might ask?!  At work, in my cube.  Boo.  Someday I hope to go to market as part of my job!!!  But for now I am content for at a job that pays the bills.  C’est la vie, right?

Despite being chained to the cubicle, I feel like the fair was somewhat productive from afar: I found a new (to me) vendor I just love!

Spotted over at Good Bones Great Pieces, I just fell in love with Design Legacy‘s botanical pillows and nature-inspired wall charts.  Aren’t they gorgeous???  I would love to have a pillow here and there throughout the house – they just add so much color and interest.

i'll take one of each!

i'll take one of each!

Check out how cool these wall charts are!  I’d love to hang one in our entry hallway.  Think of how smashing the large one would look over a linen-clad banquette in a kitchen, with a big ol’ industrial pendant light hung in front.  Yespleaseandthankyou!

i cannot get over how cool those wall charts are

i cannot get over how cool those wall charts are

I also love the settee in the pic above and the chair below…and spy the oh-so-now printed linen they’re upholstered in!

and i'll take that chair too, thanks

and i'll take that chair - no, two, thanks!

I wish I had a trade account to register with their site to see what else they sell, but alas, not yet for me….  (sigh)  But I can’t wait to see where Design Legacy’s products show up around town!

And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to post any pics my mom took (if she did at all!).  I’m still so jealous!  And thanks, Good Bones Great Pieces, for the very cool find!

{all pictures by Good Bones Great Pieces}

Saturday morning I was up with the sun (and boy was it a hot one!).  Husband and I trekked down to the corner Starbucks to get one of those tasty and oh-so-summery strawberry smoothie drinks, then he (in total redneck fashion) went off to pick up a pair of shotguns he had had repaired, and I went to wander in the farmer’s market a block from our house.  (Have I ever mentioned how much I love our location?!)

On the way to the farmer’s market, I peeked in a “treasures” shop chock full of inventory.  It was open, so I popped in.  This place is just FULL of STUFF.  Most of it’s junk, but there are some nice things here and there I would seriously consider buying: antique persian rugs, lots of silver and glass, etc.  It just takes quite a bit of time to go through it all.  They were having an 80% off sale (yes you read that right) for all knick knacks, glass, and porcelain, all piled on a few rows of shelving.  I took my time looking through everything, and let’s just say I picked up something reallllll niiiiice:

isn't it a beaut?!

isn't it a beaut?!

That’s a real deal hobnail vase!  It’s a very heavy piece, bright white, and just perfect for flowers or display.  He had it marked for $45, but after that 80% discount, I walked away with it for $9.60.  I love a great deal!

After picking up some peaches and okra at the farmer’s market, I walked back home, cut some limelight hydrangeas from my garden, and put the vase on my entry console for all to see.

Have you found any great deals lately?!  Do share.

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