I just shared the pair of gray and white ticking stripe slipcovered swivel chairs that arrived at my parents’ bay house.  And guess what arrived today?!  My mom just sent me a picture text of the finished sofa and slipcover, freshly delivered by the upholsterer!

the new slipcover

Doesn’t it look fabulous?!  The seamstress did an excellent job creating a form-fitting slipcover – the piping is perfect and the skirt matches the swivel chairs so well.

Want a reminder of what’s underneath?

what's under that new slipcover

It’s definitely an improvement – the navy floral was fine for their old living room in the Midwest, but wasn’t cutting it for a waterfront home!

I’m using my imagination to see how the sofa looks with the new chairs:

gray sofa + gray/white swivel chairs - now we need color!

I can’t wait to help her start pulling the rest of it together.  Next is a rug (I’m voting for one of Dash & Albert‘s great indoor/outdoor rugs), and of course pillows.  And a great chandelier to hang over the dining table (I’m thinking a red pagoda lantern, hmmmm).