I do drive-bys of our little fixer upper pretty much every other day.  I say, “Hello house!  I can’t wait to get started!” as my car creeps slowly by.  Sometimes I do a few laps of the block.  Hopefully no one has reported to the police that some random girl is stalking the street!  🙂

Here’s a crappy iPhone pic from the other day:

there she is!

We’ve met with a local architect and are close to settling on an interior plan (more to come on that later), but my drive-bys have me thinking about the exterior.

This little house is in desperate need of a paint job.  And some personality.  It is chipping and peeling and needs some love.  I kind of like the warm yellow color but think we want to change it.  There is so much pressure picking an exterior color!!!!  Ahhh!!!!  It feels so permanent!  And it sets the stage for what to expect inside, so it has to be perfect.  Inside we want to keep it true to its roots and incorporate as much of a 1920s southern house as possible, so it needs to flow outside-in.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Chic & Neutral with a Pop of Black– I found our house’s twin sister via High Heeled Foot in the Door when Sharon Taylor of A Lifestyle Thing and Sharon Taylor Designs posted about a day in her shoes.  (BTW if you’re not following her blog, you MUST!  Not only is she an amazing interior decorator and DIY-er, but she puts together the most incredible events, and is just the sweetest person ever!)

a dead ringer, isn't it?!

It just looks so crisp and sharp and classy.  I especially love how she painted the window sash and the front door black, contrasting so well with the white trim and the greige siding.  I also love the scallop detailing below the roofline too…and the C-U-T-E window boxes…and I think we want to put a railing to the right of the door like she has.

don't you love the color combo?!

  • Spice it up New Orleans Style – I found this cute little house in a Southern Living article last year (though I can’t remember what month nor can I find it online) and it immediately jumped out at me as something we could do:

    a spunky new orleans shotgun house

    It’s the same neutral greige-y color for a background with crisp white trim, but instead of a black door and window sash like Sharon’s, it’s a fun orange-y red color.  Fun, isn’t it?!  The architecture and colors (Creole style) are consistent with a lot of I see around Vicksburg so it could totally work.

    Since my house has a whole other half a house with the big bay windows, it might be a bit much color, but could be fun.  I could always tone it down a bit or pick a different color (green? yellow?)

  • Whole-House Color Change – If I switch it up and paint the whole exterior a color, how fun would that be?  I found this cute green house on Houzz and thought it had a similar feel to ours:

    i love this color green

    The white trim just pops against the green siding, and they used a stained door instead of a painted one.  We could do this!  I’d have to see how this color would work with the other houses on the block, but it or a different happy color could be used.

    This house has the same railing like Sharon’s did, and I totally want to incorporate that so it doesn’t feel so exposed and so eventual little ones don’t topple over the sides of the porch!

  • Copycat my Favorite House in Vicksburg – When we were initially looking at places, we both fell in love with this 1880s house.  Lovelovelove.  But it was more than we were willing to spend…but I still think about it all the time.

    loooooooove this one - a lot

    What if we used the same dijon-y yellow for the siding, do a greige-y color for the trimwork, add some cute scallopping and paint it a nice sage-y color (and a pop of red at the bottom of the scallopping), and add some dark shutters?!  That would be fun, right?  It’s basically just building off the house’s current yellow but making it a little more interesting.

  • Victorian-ize It – Our house missed the Victorian era by about 20 years, but there are tons of Victorian-style houses all over Vicksburg, and they all play up the fun gingerbread detailing using lots of color.  Here’s on of my favorite Victorian color combos in town:

    looooove this little house

    This color combo is great: crisp white trim, green-y gray siding (and scallops!), plus punches of a rich purple-y red on the trim and shutters.  We could maybe even add some gingerbread detailing (here’s a source) to add some architectural interest.  Maybe?

Do you have any ideas for me???  A favorite of these ideas?  I have more ideas on lighting and that transom window, stay tuned!


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