So….we made it to Mississippi!  Finally!  But I’ve been a BAD, NEGLECTFUL blogger.  Someone call Blog Protective Services on me.

I actually had a few posts started over the last few weeks but haven’t had the time to finish them and then some didn’t get saved and blahblahblah.  I’m sorry!

But I did want to give you an update!  The Snowpacalyse 2010 Parts Un and Deux delayed our trip a week, but we made it.  We’re slowly unpacking and organizing in our temporary apartment (which is actually remarkably nice).

Some recent highlights?

  • Lots of fun time with my parents!!! (I was staying with them while Husband had work commitments in DC and since our renters moved into our townhouse)
  • Going to the UVA/Wake basketball game via foot during the first huge dump of snow along with what felt like half of Charlottesville

    my dad trudging to the basketball arena through the start of the snowstorm

  • Lots of snuggling with my parents’ dog, Izzy – quite possibly the sweetest dog ever

    every time she went out in the snow she came in with her undercarriage full of "snow balls" - so cute!...she doesn't seem very amused here

  • Meeting my blog friend Jeannine of Small & Chic in C’ville!  We went and visited my mantle at the consignment shop and stopped in a beautiful shop next door, And George

    i miss you mantle!

I’ve got lots to post on, so I’ll be getting back to regular posting this weekend once we’ve gotten most of these boxes unpacked.