I think I’ve mentioned before that Husband and I (Husband especially) are ga-ga over the Buster chair at Restoration Hardware.

mmm this would be so nice in our living room

It has been tested many times over on trips to the mall, but the price ($2200 for the chair + $900 for the ottoman) makes us gag.

Hopes dashed.  Dreams crushed.  Us left begging for a mega sale or to find it for dirt cheap at the outlets…

Enter Farmville, VA, (a mecca of discounted amazing furniture) on a day trip before Christmas (post on that to come), where we spotted this beaut:

almost a deadringer for the buster, wouldn't you say?!

Um, hello?!  Isn’t that like the Buster Chair’s more practical brother?!?!  It’s a bit smaller, but still very comfortable and has that oh-so-manly shape.  It comes in a variety of colors, and I think we’d get this one:

a yummy, distressed, chocolate brown

And the price?  $1800 for both the chair and ottoman.  Now that’s a price we can talk about.  I think we have a winner here!

So has begun the “Man Chair Fund”.  A little contribution from the parentals at Christmas here, some extra wallet cash there, and a few strategic Craigslist sales of stuff we no longer want this past week, and we’re well over halfway there!  We’re hoping to place the order next month!

How about you?  Anything you’re specially saving up for?!