With the New Year comes New Year resolutions!  Yes, I realize I’m about 2 weeks behind in that whole year change thing (still writing 2009, I hate that!)…  But I have a legit excuse! – I was in a bit of Vicadin haze for the first few days of 2010 following my eardrum surgery.  (I still have my fingers crossed it worked, but I won’t know until the beginning of February, so until then it’s “What?” this and “What?” that.)

had to do a calvin shout-out for husband!

Anyway, after regaining my wits, I figured I should come up with a few New Year resolutions.  But then I thought about previous years, and how miserably I had failed with said resolutions…  So instead I thought I’d try little wins throughout the year…

Like for instance: exercise.  That one can start February 1 when I’m allowed to do stuff again.  And let me tell you how frustrating yet freeing it is to be told not to exercise around New Years or lift a box when you’re in the process of moving…!

Another is: get rid of stuff.  This is easy – we’re moving!  So of course we’re purging and giving away and selling.  It feels good.  Except when you get those annoying wired check offers on Craigslist.  🙂

Yet another resolution that pops up on a yearly basis is: get back to journaling.  This one’s always daunting.  I buy a brand new beautiful journal on December 31, write about 2 days worth of entries, but then get paralyzed thinking my entries must be deep and meaningful.  And then the barely touched journal goes on a shelf and can never be used again because I have to write in a fresh journal because it’s embarrassing how far apart the entries would be!  I’m so weird!

BUT, this year I remembered a clever little diary I saw over at La Dolce Vita when Courtney of Inside the Loop shared about her 10 favorite things: the 5 year diary!

the diary when it arrived

The thing is genius.  You can start any day of the year.

a little close up action on the diary sleeve packaging

Each page has the date at the top (i.e., Jan 15), and five lined blocks with a blank to fill in the year (i.e. 20__ for 2010).  Your entries can be short and sweet, like, “I got my journal today and blogged about it.  Work was insane and I can’t wait for wine night with the girls!”  And then every year for the next 5 years you get to revisit what you did that very same day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years ago!

see, i can handle this!

So I’m super excited to get started.  Now this – this – I think I can keep up with!

I got the black striped one (though in the pics above it kind of looks brown).  It also comes in red and blue.

you can't beat black & white

Go get your own!  It’s found at Rare Device for $24.95 + S&H.  I wanted to buy it back then but was sold; then I received an in stock notification last week and had to buy it!

I think the next few days will read like.  “Pulling hair out.”  “Covered in caulk and touch-up paint.”  “Can’t find anything.”  “I hope everything gets there in one piece.”  “Mississippi really?!”  “I can’t wait to renovate!!!!!” (that one will probably be listed on multiple occasions)  And probably, “Back to apartment life…” and “I miss our little townhouse in DC and all our friends.” with a bunch of, “What an amazing adventure Husband and I are on!”

Any quick win New Years resolutions for you???