While at the Bay House over Thanksgiving (I KNOW! – so long ago, I am such a slacker!), I had to snag some fabric swatches for my final interior design project of the semester.  So off to the closest fabric store I went, which was set at the back of an enormous antiques store.

Swatches picked out, I wandered through booth after booth of antiques, and what did I spy?  A huge pile of gold-plated, bamboo-handled silverware!!! SCORE!


Wanna see some close-ups?

a few serving pieces plus knives, forks, and spoons!

check out those bamboo handles!

Husband and I have a set of china from my dad’s mother, which she called her “bank china”…meaning it’s a set that a bank gave her when she opened a bank account.  Isn’t that bizarre?!


It’s such a sweet gray and blue floral pattern with a gold rim.  But all we had to use as utensils with the china was our everyday stainless stuff.  This just fits the bill!

isn't it the perfect fit?!

But wanna know the best part?  The whole set was only $35.  Yep, that’s it.  35 smackaroos.

Have you found any good flea market or thrift store finds recently?!  Do tell!