So I announced the big news that we’re M O V I N G down South at the end of the month.  Things are providentially falling into place (I guess it’s the right decision then?! – thanks, God!), but I feel like we have to do things at lightning speed starting NOW!

Once we get details like…

…setting up a renter in our beloved townhouse (*tear*)…

…arranging for packers and movers (hallelujah we don’t have to do this ourselves)…

…settling on a temporary apartment (so the current tenants can move out and so the renovation can get underway)…

…and picking an actual move date (sometime the end of the month?!)…

then we can throw ourselves head first into figuring out what in the world this house is going to be transformed into!!! Here’s a reminder of what the house looks like:

a 1300 sq ft, 1920 cottage, just perfect for our first reno

Shall I share with you the chopped up, non-sensical, in-need-of-some-lovin’ current floor plan?  Here we go:

a little wonky, huh?

Yes, there are 2 front doors.

Yes, the best room in the house (front left with the big bump out bay window area) is currently a bedroom.

Yes, the 2nd bedroom inhabitants have to access the only full bath via the master bedroom.

Yes, the kitchen is way underutilized (and totally needs to be trashed).

Yes, the house is totally closed up, making it feel much smaller than it is.

We’ve got some work to do, huh?!  I have a number of reconfigurations underway, but I really want to get a pulse of what a future renter/owner would want out of this place.  I have my biases on what “must be included”, but I don’t know if I speak for the majority.

Can you help me out and answer some questions?!  Let’s remember a few things to help guide your answers:

  • We’re doing this on a shoestring budget – I mean, enough to get it done right, but it’s not going to be a super high-end renovation
  • It’s a 2 bedroom house
  • It’s only 1300 square feet (if that!)
  • We’re not sure if we plan to either rent it or sell it when we move, so it should appeal to both types of people
  • We want to open up the floor plan so it feels bigger

QUESTION 1: Is it the “kiss of death” to have a 2 bedroom house with only 1.5 bathrooms?  Or should we really try to work in a full 2 bathrooms, with a dedicated master bathroom and a 2nd bathroom to be used as a common bathroom?

QUESTION 2: In a master bathroom (or the only full bathroom), how important is it to have two sinks?

QUESTION 3: Given the small size of the house, how important is it to have a back door?  Or would it be okay to access the back of the house (potentially parking, garden, patio) by going through the front door?

QUESTION 4: If we have a back door, how awkward would it be to have it accessed through a guest bedroom/office/kid’s room?

QUESTION 5: How do you feel about eat-in kitchens?  Meaning, putting a kitchen table and chairs in the center of the kitchen in lieu of an island?  (This would replace the need to have a separate dining room area.)  Example:

a suzanne kasler masterpiece...but a trend that we'll regret?!

I would love any feedback or suggestions on those questions!!!