Remember back in October when I joined Husband in Vicksburg, M’ssippi, for a weekend?  Well I realized I never posted pics from around town!  It’s a really charming city, full of pre-Civil War and late 1800s homes, some lovingly restored, some waiting to be returned to their former glory.

Here’s a little driving tour around Vicksburg:

a cute little red house hidden behind some crape myrtles

The owner of Anchuca (the B&B I did a picture tour of) restored and decorated this next home – bea-u-ti-ful!  Because it was moved outside of town and beside a lake, it was elevated to avoid flooding and the staircase was added for a little dramatic southern flair.

an antebellum city home that was moved outside of town, lakeside

a pretty victorian home set up on a hill

i love the porches down south!

a big ol' victorian house all decorated for halloween

another pretty blue victorian - i love the cupola

a massive house - not sure what style?

looooove this little house

...and this little guy and its painted trim

hard to see through the trees but this had a great big, deep porch

This huuuuuge house was set up on a hill on a prominent corner:

another MASSIVE house

and it from the side - look at that porch!

i love this porch too!!! (although i'd put in simpler columns)

another cutie that has been really well restored

a pretty brick victorian - love the touches of yellow

This next house is a B&B for sale that was absolutely enormous.  It’s in the Eastlake style – I’ll do a post on some of the interior pics later this week and explain what Eastlake is.

this is an ENORMOUS eastlake style B&B for sale

another cute victorian that's for sale and in need of some interior love

loooooooove this one - a lot

So there you have a little tour of some favorites around town!  Did you have a favorite?!