Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  Husband calls it “the season of death” since the leaves die and it segues to winter, his most un-favorite time of year.  But I love it!  The leaves, the crisp air, the absence of that hated Virginia humidity, pumpkin flavored everything, puffy vests, boots, stews in the crock pot…the list could go on!

I just thought I’d share the splashy display of fall color Virginia is so famous for, as seen from my back door.

look at that red tree!

look at that red tree!

(And yes, that lantern is strategically placed so as to hide all of the crap on my neighbor’s patio…I can’t wait until those holly trees grow nice and tall!!!)

I have lots of pics to share from this weekend’s trip to Vicksburg, Mississippi!  Lots and lots of house pics!