There’s been a lot of bloggie chat recently about how amazing Restoration Hardware‘s new look and line of industrial furniture is.  I remember getting the first catalog this summer that unveiled the rough-hewn tables, linen-clad chairs, and metal-based tables, sighing a big in-my-money-tree-dreams sigh, and throwing it on the coffee table for frequent re-visits.  Love love love.


(Fun fact: those fellas on the cover own Bobo Intriguing Objects…amazing reclaimed, repurposed product line.  Brooke Giannetti of a favorite blog Velvet & Linen has a fantastic interview with Bobo co-owner Mark Sage here – check it out!)

Fast forward to last night, when Husband and I were at the mall.  We walked by Restoration Hardware and he suggested we go in.  Yes!!!  I did internal high-fives because he really doesn’t like shopping and he actually wanted to go in the store!!!  It was a very exciting moment for me!  🙂

You see, he has been on the prowl for a leather club chair for his study because my cute lil’ Lee Industries brown houndstooth chair, dubbed Midget Chair for its small stature, wasn’t comfortable and manly enough for him.  Instead, it was happily relegated to the guest room/my office, and his study has been chair-less for about a month.  (In case you’re wondering, that super ugly potential upholstery re-do chair previously in the guest room/my office went the way of Goodwill – scratch that project off the list!)

So in we went.  More sighs from me, and plenty of gentle caresses of the linen slip-covered sofas, buttery leather chairs, and wooden tables.  But what was more unbelievable than the amazing furniture was the fact that actually agreed on almost everything we liked!  And for that, I could give Restoration Hardware a big, wet smooch.

So what are some of the pieces we both loved and were coveting for our own home???  Here goes…

We both walked immediately to this beautiful table and ran our hands over the perfectly uneven and rustic boards.  It had such a comfortable but powerful presence!  We fell in love with this one…but not the $3180 price tag.  😦

the trestle salvaged wood table

the trestle salvaged wood dining table

These beautiful linen, nailhead-trimmed chairs were pulled up to the table and looked just beautiful, creating a soft contrast to the table.  I could totally do one at each end of the table, and a collection of other chairs on the sides.  Or if my pockets were deeper we’d do all 10 in this chair!

nailhead upholstered chair

nailhead upholstered chair

Next we saw this huge and amazing coffee table…we both fell hard for it and could totally see it in our basement media room.  Again, it’s those rough natural boards!  I can’ get enough!  And I love how industrial it is.

the brickmaker's coffee table

the brickmaker's coffee table

Then we saw these super cool task lights with a ring around the shade to make it easy to position where the light shines.  I could totally use one of these as I work on my sketches for class!

the atelier task accent lamp

the atelier task accent lamp

But the piece we both hands down agreed must somehow be purchased and put in our home is actually what we came in to find: a leather club chair for Husband’s study!  I’ve had my eye on this chair forever…and love that he loves it too.  It is SO comfortable and I can’t get over the deep tufts, the nailhead trim, the way it swallows you up when you sit in it.  Perfection.  Except that darn price tag again!!!  Even at the sale price of ~$2600 (chair + ottoman), it’s just too rich for our blood.

the buster chair

the buster chair

(Hey look!  It’s that cute little Atelier Task Lamp next to it!)

I mean, we’re both in full agreement that the Buster Chair is the chair for us…but we can’t possibly drop that kind of money on it.  What to do, what to do?!?!  Now, I know it’s made by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams…but it isn’t on their website…

…and I found a copycat chair on Amazon, but it makes me nervous ordering something we’ve never sat in…


not quite the same...but half the price..

…or we may try to take a roadtrip to Farmville, VA, one of these days to see if they possibly carry it or something very similar in one of the massive warehouses….

Or we could just win the lottery and buy it!  🙂  Any tips on where else to look???

What are you loving at Restoration Hardware these days?