Remember a little while back when I won a sunburst mirror on blog Everything LEB?  Well, it arrived not too much later and I FINALLY got it hung!  (How many weeks later?!  I know, I am awesome.)  Yippee!

Husband and I tested out a few different places in the house (difficult with all those pokey pieces of metal jutting out from the mirror) and finally decided on a bare spot above the sofa and between the french doors and window in our living room.  Here’s sneak peak:

i love it!

i love my new mirror!

Now, I would show the whole room, but I’m still not very happy with how it looks right now.  My home always feels like a work in progress, does yours?

Like…those curtains in the pic are on loan from my friend whose kitchen is getting re-designed, so I don’t have anything hanging over the window (to the right of the sunburst mirror in the pic); it makes it feel totally unbalanced!

…And although the curtains “go” really well with the wall color (Benjamin Moore’s Dijon), they’re a little dark and heavy for the space.

….Then there are the plaid pillows in the pic, which are nice (my mom made them for me!), but we’ve had them for a few years and it’s time for a change.

…And then seating-wise, we have 2 VERY LARGE sofas in the living room (one my choice, one Husband’s), so it makes the layout tough for the awkward space.

I could go on!  It’s hard to enjoy the space I have created because I always have so many new ideas and desires to mix it up, even though it is a warm and cozy space I am very thankful for.  Do you ever experience that feeling?  Where you look around your house and think of all the things you want to change instead of being happy with what you have?

But I digress.  I’m so excited for this new design element to add to my living room – thanks, Lindsay!