I’m sure a lot of you heard about the free Glidden paint giveaway (which sadly ended July 2).  I mean, a free quart of paint in the color of your choice?! – yes, please!  I had nearly forgotten that I ordered a can until I came home yesterday to a small box from Glidden sitting on my doorstep.

And here it is, in its peacock blue glory!  (Funny we picked the same color, Liz!)

strut that blue!

strut it!

And for what project(s) will I be using this B-R-I-G-H-T color?!  Umm…not so sure.  I do have a few ideas in mind, like painting the lampshades of the pair of lamps on my buffet, or perhaps painting a few accessories here or there to really *POP* in the living room.

Why did I pick this blue, you might ask?!  Well, I’ve been contemplating a color switch-up in the living room, trading out my pillows with shades of red (so over them) and adding peacock blue and the same agave green from the adjacent kitchen.  I just need to find pillows with said colors.

here it is dried

here it is dried

Did you partake of the free paint giveaway?!  If so, what color did you pick, and what do you plan to do with it???