Sidenote: Happy 100th post to myself!  Crazy!  Blogging is such a funny thing…something that really takes time and effort to find one’s “voice”…I’m still not there yet, and can’t say that the last 99 posts have been all that great, but this has been such a fun way to express myself, join this talented and inspiring community of design bloggers, and be able to talk about this stuff without Husband being my sole audience.  🙂

Last month when Husband and I took a trip to Charleston for our 3rd anniversary and to visit his sister for her birthday, we popped in JCrew and I picked up this really fun (and on super sale!) tunic-y top with teardrop cutouts and bias tape “eyelashes” along the neckline.  I love it.

my charleston purchase

my charleston purchase

It fits me just right (especially the length – call me Torso Girl…), and I love the bold pattern and fun neck details.


close up of the neckline (sorry for the poor pic)

I have a tendency (directly inherited from my mom) of saying, “Oh I can make that!” or “That would be SO easy to make!”  I then pass by said items and never actually end up making them…  It’s a curse I tell you!

That is, until this top.  I mean, it is SO EASY.  SO EASY.  No darting, no zipper, no fancy sewing.  Just a front and a back, some easy sleeves, and then bias tape for decoration (no cutouts this go around though).

So I popped in the fabric store and picked up a pink patterned cotton blend, a neutral linen blend with a gold metallic sheen, and a graphite linen.  Only 3/4 yard of each fabric and a 25% off sale made my total fabric purchase under $30.  $30 for 3 tops a la JCrew?! – unheard of!  {it kind of makes me gag thinking of anyone paying $98 for a top like this…! – so glad it was on sale!}

I also picked up some coral and pink bias tape to make the “eyelashes” along the neckline for the patterned print and metallic sheen linen tops.  On the graphite linen top, I am going to attempt flower ruffles like Katiedid blogged about for her girls’ Easter dresses.

tunic top project materials

tunic top project materials

I’m really excited to get started over the long weekend while at the Bay House with my family so my mom can help me knock these out!  Wish me luck!