Sorry for being MIA this week!  I was on a 5-day cycling trip with my dad and didn’t have computer access.  Coming back to 255 unread posts in Google Reader and jumping back into work has me behind on things!  I have much to post!  End sidenote.

Last night what should I come home to find but my winnings from a giveaway over at Houzz (an awesome design inspiration source) after posting on an interview with the lovely and talented Mrs. Limestone of one of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn Limestone.  What did I win you might ask?!  This lovely pair of Martha Stewart square cake stands from Macy’s.  I absolutely adore them!

how great are these?!

how great are these?!

I can’t wait to put them to use!  Thanks Houzz and Brooklyn Limestone!  I love the blogosphere.  🙂

(And yes, those are my new outdoor pillows from Restoration Hardware – 50% off!  I love recession sales!!!)