So a few months back, I had settled on a wallpaper I found via design*sponge used by the lovely and talented Barb Blair of knack studios.  I was hunting for a neutral-ish wallpaper for our totally ’60s yellow tiled guest bathroom that needed some lovin’.  When I saw Barb’s hallway, I knew I had found the perfect paper!  A visit to the wallpaper store and a comparison of a swatch to the bathroom tile…that was that, the decision was made…

…until I found out that the wallpaper I had ordered was discontinued!  Sadness.  So I put my wallpaper search on hold for a bit.

When I began the great wallpaper hunt again, I found a few more options searching the ol’ intraweb.  It didn’t take but a few wallpaper samples in the mail before I had again decided: I found my new guest bathroom wallpaper!!!  Cole & Son’s “Mimosa” in White (69/8132).

cole & son's mimose in white

cole & son's "mimosa" in white

It’s “neutral”…it’s playful…it has the perfect yellow – but not too much.  And the best part?!  I honestly like it better than what I originally picked out!  I think the first wallpaper being discontinued was certainly a blessing in disguise.

Now for the tricky part: ordering it.

I found the paper on Cole & Son’s site, as well as on Fabrics & Papers – both companies are in England.  I can’t order directly from Cole & Son (or can’t figure out HOW to), and the shipping across the ocean blue from Fabrics & Papers is almost as much ($100) as the wallpaper itself (only $67/double roll, very reasonable – I only need 2 double rolls)!!!  Lee Jofa (up in NYC) is a supplier of Cole & Son wallpaper, but I have to be an official interior designer in order to purchase directly from their site.  What’s a girl to do?!

How in the world do I order my perfect wallpaper without getting charged an arm and a leg to get it?!  Does anyone have any ideas?!  Has anyone navigated the wallpaper world and have any tips to share???  Advice is more than welcomed!