Thank goodness for life’s guilty pleasures…  Last night being the season premiere of The Bachelorette, I was able to use the commerical breaks to (FINALLY!) wrap up my third entryway done a different way – nautical!  I get totally sucked in by this show…I may or may not have set the Tivo to record the whole season…!  My excuse will be that she is an interior designer and has a kickin’ style – pure research.  But I digress.  🙂

If you remember waywayway back (weeks ago!), I posted two entry ways using the same Pottery Barn console and Philippe Starke ghost chair in a pale green.  The first was a “Modern Moroccan” version, with pops of turquoise and some serious Moroccan flair.  The second was a “Romantic & Feminine” take on the entry, full of lilac, pattern and sparkle.  The whole idea of doing the same type of room in three very different styles is to show that the same pieces of furniture, lighting or accent pieces can be carried through the years as your style interests change and design trends evolve.  Buying those classic pieces are worth the investment!

So here are those carryover pieces, the console and ghost chair:

the console & ghost chair

the console & ghost chair

So what’s the third version of an entryway?  Well, with summer quickly approaching (hello, Memorial Day!), I thought the best next go at an entryway done differently would be…NAUTICAL!  I’m sure visions of excessive use of racing pennants, sea creatures, and red, yellow and blue popped into your head, but never fear, it’s more of a “classy” nautical, bringing that beachside vibe to your landlocked home.  Bathed in soft blues and greens, this entry certainly makes a first impression of laid-back relaxed living, beach style.

Take a peek (and make sure to click the pic to make it bigger!):

a little nautical flair - with not a lick of "crafty crap"

a little classic nautical flair

Here’s the source list in case anything there catches your fancy:

So there you have it, the third entryway done three ways, carrying over the same console and chair.  Time for you to sound off – what room do you want done next?  And in what styles?