A few weekends ago (the same day as my visit to the DC Design House), I met some girlfriends at Eastern Market, which is a part of downtown DC near Capitol Hill.  Being from “outside the beltway”, I don’t venture downtown too often, so it was such a treat to have a day of downtown exploring on the first 80 degree day of the year!

Eastern Market is essentially an enormous farmer’s / flea market that never seems to end.  Tent after tent of crafts, jewelry, furniture, rugs, knick knacks, clothing, art, and fresh produce spill out of parking lots and along the crowded sidewalks.  You can easily spend 2-3 hours perusing and sampling – it’s a fun outing if you’re ever in downtown DC on a Saturday.

I got a few pics of the antique tin tile tent (say that three times fast!) – I always love the tiles and will eventually get one (or two or ten) to hang around the house.  They’re always in such fun colors and I love their aged finish!

eastern market

the antique tin tile tent

I also love when they use the tiles to make such cool mirrors.  Eventually I’ll pick one out!


antique tin tile mirrors

As much as I love looking at the various handmade goodies, my favorite thing is the tent of antique prints – maps, botanicals, magazine covers, you name it.  I have a major thing for botanicals, so I was sure to snatch these two (only $7 each if you can believe it!):

early 1800s copperplate botantical

early 1800s copperplate botantical

late 1700s hand-painted copperplate botanical

late 1700s hand-painted copperplate botanical

Both of those little guys are definitely going in my office.  🙂

Then I found these other two prints for my hubby – one’s a map of Versailles (oh, how I miss France!) and a sketch of old school war maneuvers (he’s a history buff):

early 1800s map of versailles

early 1900s map of versailles

copperplate print of late 1700s war maneuvers

copperplate print of late 1700s war maneuvers

Can’t wait to get all these framed and hung!!!  Found any good flea market finds lately?