Bad, blogger, bad.  I have been terribly neglectful…not only have I left you hanging on the third entryway done up three ways, but I haven’t posted much in (gasp!) three weeks.  Life has just been BUSY…I know, excuses, excuses…but at least I’ve stored up lots of stuff to blog about from the last few weeks – expect a flurry of activity!

Last week’s (or was it the week before?!) gorgeous spring weather had me and a friend out on a walk through the cute little shopping area near where we live.  There are a bunch of fun stop-in’s – a wine bar, a stationary stop, a few restaurants, a bread shop, etc…but never had I ever stopped in the most fantastic shop I never knew existed: Valerianne.  I seriously walked in and sighed a deep sigh of design contentment.  I’m not sure whether it was the Oly fainting couch (which I was close to using – swoon!), the canopy bed, the zebra and giraffe napoleon chairs, the crystal chandelier with drum shade, the sumptuous bedding, the scents filling the space, or the super friendly and trendy store owners, but right then and there I declared it to be my new favorite store.  So much so that I brought my mom there the next day to see!

My budget doesn’t quite cover most of the gorgeousness Valerianne sells, but I couldn’t leave empty handed.  This little splurge came home with me and is now filling my office/guest room with the most delicious of scents:
duchess peony

lafco candle - duchess peony scent

The soy-based candle (in a peony scent that smells EXACTLY like peony, my favorite flower!) is made by Lafco in their House & Home candle line.  Very creative naming concept – in the box was a “fragrance floor plan” with each of their scents associated with a room in the house.  My delicious peony scent is the powder room, but some of my other faves included:

  • Living Room – Fresh Cut Gardenia
  • Office – Rosemary Eucalyptus
  • Master Bedroom – Chamomile Lavender
  • Media Room – Spike Lavender

And the best part is that when my 100 hours of burn time are *sniff!*  over and done with, the pink glass vessel will be a most perfect vase!

What are your favorite candle scents?  Holly over at decor8 shared a few of her faves here (and I commented that my favorite at the time was Tocca’s Agadir scent – not so any more!), and the Youngsters at This Young House shared some tips on how to get the remaining wax out of the vessel here.  Spill the wax – I’d love to fill my house with other fantastic scents!