One of my new Twitter friends owns an online wallpaper and fabric site, (in the UK), which I’ve spent a good bit of time browsing since I got the call that my wallpaper pick was discontinued (boo, hiss).  What a great find!  The selections are well-edited, kinda traditional but still very hip, and relatively reasonably priced.

Here are a few that made my *MAYBE* list, the samples of which are en route across the big drink for about a dollar apiece.  (I still can’t believe I’m starting this process over!)

wallpaper options from

wallpaper options from

{1. paisley flowers 2.fioretti 3. cow parsley 4. cactus paisley 5. pompom 6. mimosa}

I kind of really love the Pompom print (#5) and the Mimosa print (#6).  I think the Mimosa is more gender neutral and less in your face…but still incorporates the yellow to go with the shower tile and the grays to blend with the floor tile?  And it’s also sold by Cole & Son, which would probably reduce the overseas shipping costs…

Any votes???