(Okay, so this isn’t quite a “tour de house” but I think a “tour de gorgeous winery” will suffice, right?!)

This weekend had me in Charlottesville, VA, visiting the fam and having an early birthday for my sister.  If that wasn’t fab enough, it was 75 degrees and sunny both days!  Wha’?!  ILOVEIT.  I’ve seriously been needing a glipse of spring, and I think this was just enough to tide me over until the temps are a steady 60+.

Wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, we decided to hit up one of the many vineyards in Charlottesville: Verita Vineyards in nearby Afton, VA.  I’ve been there a few times (and one of my former roomies actually got married there – what a spot!), and I’ve been wanting to revisit the beautifully decorated tasting room and enjoy the scenic vistas (and vino) again for quite some time.

Every time I go I can’t stop staring at the surroundings.  Here are a few shots of the tasting room:

view of the veritas tasting room

view of the veritas tasting room

Does that whet your design appetite or what?  From the striped stained floors (so interesting!) to the warm dijon walls with pickled wood moldings to the red ceiling, all I can say is it is bea-u-tiful!  The leather sofa seating was not only comfy but had developed a well-worn patina from daily wine tasters from the last decade.  And those chandeliers, hoowee!  Here’s another view of the pair of them:

pair of chandeliers

pair of chandeliers

Aren’t those chandeliers something else?!  Check out the ceiling-to-floor chocolate velvet curtains.  Every piece of furnishing in the place makes quite a statement.  Here’s another shot of the tasting room, with folks crowded around the tasting bar:

veritas tasting bar

veritas tasting bar

That pickled wood!  Ahh!  And the transom windows (see top left of the pic) bring in so much light and really draw the eye up.  I really dig Veritas’ logo – so classy.  Screenprinting it on the light-reflecting mirror was a great idea!

Opposite the tasting bar is a wall of doors (three sets like the below), transom windows, more of those ceiling-to-floor chocolate velvet curtains, and then the creatively designed wine storage above each set of doors.


wine storage

A trio of dark, worn wooden tables flanked one side of the room, surrounded by chocolate velvet nailhead-trimmed chairs – so comfy! (see below pic)  Check out the cool centerpieces! – urns filled with boxwood, twigs, and some sweet faux birdies.  And, in case you haven’t already spotted it, behind the table in the pic is one of two burled wood armoires in the tasting room.  I surely didn’t mind resting my eyes on the pair!  I want!


tasting tables

As if the interiors weren’t enough, check out the outside of the building and then the views!


my parents and sister enjoying the weather

After a tasting of all of their wines inside, we snagged a bottle and headed outside to a picnic bench to soak up some sun and gaze at the mountain view.


part of the vineyard + a purty mountain view

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon – wine, sunshine, vistas, and a healthy dose of design! – my kind of day.

(In case you’re wondering about the wine – it was quite tasty!  My favorite whites were the Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2008 and the Viognier 2007, which we split while enjoying the outdoors; my favorite red was the Vintner’s Reserve 2007 – perfect for my sister’s steak dinner that night!  Their Othello 2006 is a fantastic brandy-laced port wine (sweet!), a perfect pairing for the fellas’ cigar night.)