So today I made a trip to the local Benjamin Moore paint store, which I love except that it closes at 5:30pm during the week, 5:00pm on Saturday, and isn’t open on Sunday.  They’re super friendly and helpful, but it makes the paint getting tough because I either have to be working from home (like today due to 7 inches of snow!) or have to make sure to remember on Saturday when we’re actually in town.  Sheesh.

An-y-way, I popped in to get some paint for the guest room…yes, I finally made a decision!  In keeping with the general rule of thumb to use 3-5 paint colors max in the house, I decided to re-introduce my kitchen paint color – Benjamin Moore’s Agave (one of the awesome Aura paint colors) – only lightened up 25%.  The moment I hit PUBLISH for this post I’m going to get to work!!!  YIPPEE!

While waiting for the paint to shakeshake-shakeshakeshakeshakeit, I remembered to ask how much a fan deck of paint chips cost (Classic + Historical color sets)…

my very own painting options!

my very own fan of painting options!

Let me tell you, that was one of the happiest $15.75 I’ve ever spent.  A whole fan deck of color to dream up options for all of my friends who ask for ideas.  Now no more timing my visits to the local paint store to look at swatches.  So happy.  Now I think I need to pick up a few more decks, like for Glidden and other brands.  Any recs of favorite paints beside Benjamin Moore?

Now, off to move some furniture away from the walls!