I had a girls weekend out with one of my best friends from college – shopping, haircuts, dinner out, lots of catching up, and, of course, craft time.  She’s one of my craftier friends, so I can always count on her for some productive and creative craftiness.

My husband’s birthday is coming up on Tuesday and Valentine’s Day is next Saturday, so we set to work on some homemade cards.  He has his pilot’s license but hasn’t flown in awhile, so his gift is some much wanted flight time at the local airport, hence the thematic birthday card:

homemade airplace birthday card

homemade airplane birthday card

I made mini paper airplanes, which I glued to the card, and stitched some cute flight paths.  I used some mini stamps from the $1 bin to stamp “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” along the bottom.  Then I used some brads to attach it to the cardstock.  It turned out kinda cute, huh?

Next up was his Valentine’s Day card:

valentine's day card

valentine's day card

I used some twine to define the border and main heart shape.  Then I used a heart puncher for tons of hearts in different red and pink paper.  I finished it off with the same $1 bin stamps to tell my hub just how I feel.

Gosh it feels good to do crafts again after such a long hiatus!