What’s more Thanksgiving than pumpkin pie?!  Not much, but for a chocolate lover like I am, pumpkin plus chocolate is what I’m talking about!  This Thanksgiving, I decided to make the Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie from Martha Stewart Living‘s November 2008 issue.

Here is me cutting up the chocolate pieces in preparation for melting them with butter in a double boiler.

prepping the chocolate

prepping the chocolate

I went the easy route and used a pre-made piecrust, rather than the fancy (and I’m sure even tastier) graham cracker crust.  To make up for the missing flavors and sweetness in the crust, I pressed sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and dutch cocoa powder into the base of the pie crust – it added great flavor and interest!  And, best of all, it wasn’t very complicated – this recipe only had a few extra steps than normal pumpkin pie.

Although I wish I could say mine turned out as pretty as Martha’s (below), it didn’t.  BUT – it was fantastic! Still pumpkin-y but definitely chcolate.  Delicious!

martha's triple chocolate pumpkin pie

martha's version

You can find the full recipe here on Martha’s site, as well as a video of her making the pie with Keith Olberman.