I keep finding more and more brocade (and damask) wallpapers that I love…and now I want to wallpaper my whole house!!!

Here’s a fun fact: the name “brocade” has the same root word as “broccoli” (which kind of explains the shapes – they kind of look like broccoli crowns to me!), and the Italian word “broccato”, meaning “embossed cloth”.  A few great sites featuring traditional and modern takes on brocades include: Brocade Home, Cole & Son, Jonathan Adler, ferm LIVING, and Graham & Brown.  Below are some of my favorites from each site.

Brocade Home :: Brocade Home is definitely for those with an inner diva.  Patterns are bold – both in pattern and color.  The background is often metallic, almost like a mirror.  These papers would need to be paired in rooms with a modern flair injected with girlish, French type pieces.  [NOTE: Their selection isn’t great right now…I haven’t seen anything new since the site went down over the summer.  I’d be really curious to see what happens with the company!]

brocade home's brocades

brocade home's selections

Left:  Foulard Print Wallpaper in Truffle – $69/roll; Right: Lattice Flocked Foil Wallpaper in Champagne – $99/roll

Cole & Son :: This company has a great assortment of modern and traditional papers, from the most geometric of geometrics to the toile-iest of toiles.  Cole & Son is also one of the few remaining companies that produces hand-flocked wallpaper.

assortment of brocades by cole &son

assortment of brocades by cole & son

Top L-R: Charlie Wilson – Conway, Vintage Glamour – Sutherland Small Swirl, Vintage Glamour – Belgravia; Second Row L-R: Waldorf – Brighton Lace, Waldorf – Embroidered Damask, New Contemporary – Malabar, Third Row L-R: Dennis Hall – Stanhope, Dennis Hall – Montpelier, Finsbury – Caversham, Fourth Row L-R: Classix Exotic Flock – Damask Flock on Silver Foil, Damask – Cadora, Damask – Elizabethan

Jonathan Adler :: The iconic Jonathan Adler is known and loved in the design world (and for weekly judging on Bravo’s Top Design).  His style is funky, retro, and modern, and oh so fun….as are his wallpapers.

a few of jonathan adlers fun brocades

a few of jonathan adler's fun brocades

Left: Brocade; Right: Scroll

ferm LIVING :: ferm LIVING is a Danish company that creates graphic products – wallpapers, wall stickers, acrylic decorations, bedding, etc.  Colors are bright, patterns are bold, and everything is fun.

ferm living's "brocades" (sort of)

ferm LIVING's modern brocades

Left: Sparrow; Right: Peacock

Graham & Brown :: Graham & Brown “knows what walls want”: pattern!  And boy do they have it!  Like Cole & Son, you can find whatever you’re looking for: traditional, modern, subtle, bold, even paintable!

a few of graham & brown's beauties

a few of graham & brown's beauties

L-R: Suzanne, Grace, Exotic

Have you found any other good resources for gorgeous brocades or damasks?  I will most certainly be papering sometime this winter, and will show my before(s) and after(s), as well as a tutorial.