Does your guest room become the dumping ground for stuff you just don’t know where to put?  That describes our guest room to a “T”.  Unfortunately my guest room also doubles as my office, so let’s just say that my organization and productivity has been pretty poor the last few months as the piles of craft supplies, papers, and other miscellaneous STUFF piled up.  It was so out of control that I often found my OCD self simply shutting the door, as if it would make the room go away!

I’m beginning to think that the primary reason why the guest room deteriorated to this point was that I had no vision for the space.  I couldn’t decide on a color or a decorating scheme.  I had no idea how to arrange it so that it was functional and comfortable, yet chic.  After months of mulling it over, I think I’m starting to come up with a plan.

I literally spent ALL DAY today organizing and rearranging the room.  I still think there is so much to purge, and a much more visually appealing way to display everything on my shelves, but I’ll save that for another rainy day once the room is actually pretty!

Feeling much better about the space, I went online to Brocade Home and took my own advice to snatch up one of the super cute duvets currently on super sale, as well as two coordinating throw pillows.

medallion print duvet in celadon (plus the two textured pillows)

medallion print duvet in celadon (plus the two textured pillows)

Now here comes the vision:

COLOR  :: I’m trying to avoid my house becoming a kaleidoscope of colors, so I am going to steal my kitchen color, but lighten it by a few shades (Benjamin Moore’s Aura Paint in Agave – warning: the swatch on the computer doesn’t do it justice, it’s actually a gorgeous avocado green).  This will lay the foundation for a really fun…

ACCENT WALL  :: I’m thinking I will use Graham & Brown’s Topkapi wallpaper in celadon.  I have a sample on order, so we shall see (1) how the design and color work with the duvet, and (2) how the sample works with the paint color.  I’ve been wanting to wallpaper SOMEwhere in my house, so why not my inspiration room, right?  I certainly don’t want it to be too matchy matchy, and if the colors are just too off, I may try to find a more neutral print, or just keep all four walls green.

graham & brown's "topkapi" wallpaper in celadon

graham & brown's "topkapi" wallpaper

BEDDING  :: On the full-size daybed, of course, will be my new duvet cover and two throw pillows.  I also plan on hunting down a full-size bolster pillow to recover, as well as a smattering of euro pillows and other throw pillows to make the daybed look super inviting for an afternoon nap.

SEATING  :: I have a somewhat unfortunate looking chair and ottomon (hand-me-down from my parents when they moved) that will either need to be my first reupholstery attempt, or be slipcovered.

So much to do!  I will certainly get some pics up once the duvet, pillows, and wallpaper sample arrive.  I’m feeling inspired!