Do you have a double front door?  Have you ever struggled with what you should do with a door mat?  Never fear!  There exists such a thing as an extra wide door mat!

The average door is around 36″; the average door mat is around 28-32″.  If you have a double door, say around 72″, you will probably want to hunt for a door mat that is anywhere between 56-64″ wide.

One of my friends had the very same problem.  I was recently helping her come up with a color scheme for her front door makeover, and there are only a few things left to do – one of them being a door mat that fits the front stoop.  Remember her newly painted front doors?:

the end result!

the end result!

She, too, has a double door, and thought her (albeit cute) current door mat looked dwarfed by her door, and she didn’t know whether to center it or place it directly in front of the main door.  She needs a double wide!…door mat, that is.

Here are a few options I found for her:

My favorite is either the bordered coir or the geometric rubber mat.  And, at around $60 each, this small investment will not only give a better impression to potential homebuyers as they walk through her door, but they protect her hardwood floors from dirty feet!