My dear friend is debating whether she should sell her house, but, in doing so, has to do some major curb appeal improvements to make it sell in this crummy market.  She’s already done an impressive bit of landscaping – azaleas, hostas, laroipe, hydrangeas, and peonies – and painted her trim a creamy white and her shutters a strong black…but what to paint the front door?!

boring cream door

boring cream door (trim & shutters freshly painted)

A few weeks ago we flipped through some magazines and thought a beautiful colonial blue would do the trick.  It was vetoed by her other half for “something more classic, timeless and traditional.”  What could be more classic, timeless and traditional that a color straight out of Williamsburg?!  Her options were laid out for her: choose the same creamy white, black or red.

In my book, the creamy white is OUT.  For one thing, it will show dirt from the hands of their 2-year-old.  But, most importantly, where would the POP! be when a potential buyer drives up the driveway?  Their front door – a really unusual double door – would blend into the trim work (like it does now).

Red – no way.  I think red doors have a time and a place, but definitely not on her house, where the multi-colored red brick will compete.  I can picture a red door on a white farmhouse or a whitewashed brick home, but not on her rambler.

So now we’re left with black…but it doesn’t thrill me.  I know – “basic in black” – but their house needs some serious curb appeal and this just won’t do.

My options?  Wellllll…  I say an asparagus green, a canary yellow, or the previously nixed colonial blue.

asparagus green

Asparagus Green :: I love this color right now (my kitchen color!), and I think that it would certainly add some flair to their front porch…especially if they add some potted plants in shades of pink on the stoop.  Here is a great example of a makeover done by blogger Design Mom, and featured in Apartment Therapy Chicago.

canary yellow

Canary Yellow :: I saw this before and after article in the now-defunct Blueprint several months back, and have seen the image of the happy yellow door appear on a number of design blogger websites (including blogger Tissuepapers).  Wouldn’t this look smashing as my friend’s color choice?  Having the yellow door trimmed out with a creamy white and punctuated by the black shutters would make a bold statement.  Add several pots of daisies and it’s perfect.

Colonial Blue :: I haven’t been able to find a good example of this color example in action, but think that one of Benjamin Moore’s historical blues would look very stately – and, of course, “timeless, classic, and traditional.”  I think my favorite is the Jamestown Blue, which reminds me of the many historical homes from my four years in Williamsburg. This color would like very nice against the creamy white trim, and add that splash of color they need to add some curb appeal.  A few potted hydrangeas, and they have themselves a perfect front entrance!

Presented with those options, her husband the color-phobe said, “Sorry babe, it’s going to be black.”  They painted it black, but my friend was not satisfied with the boring exterior.

the door painted blah-blah-black

the door painted blah-blah-black

Armed with a free morning and a can of Benjamin Moore’s “Great Barrington Green”, she painted those doors and storm doors green!

the end result!

the end result!

You wouldn’t believe the compliments she has since received – neighbors approaching her left and right to tell her how much they loved the change.  A sheepish husband agreed, and busily replaced the light fixtures and hardware with beautiful brushed black hardware.