One of my goodgoodgood friends from college is 6 weeks away from Baby #2 – and the nursery has yet to be decorated!  Her husband is none too excited to paint, and she is stymied trying to pick a color scheme…

Roommates to the rescue!  For her baby shower, since she has plenty of baby girl clothes and stuff from Baby #1, we have decided to perform makeover surgery to the baby room.

I came up with a few initial ideas, and I’m working with her to figure out exactly what she wants in order to make this a beautiful nursery.  I’m a little bit nervous for my first attempt at decorating someone else’s house, but I’m super excited to work through the requirements process (there I go with my consultant speak…), execute the vision, and see the finished product.

i call this..."pretty in pink"

i call this... "pretty in pink"

I really like this pink option, because it would flow well in her house: going from a yellow entry/living room/hallway to the two girls’ bedrooms, one of which is a mossy green with pink accents and the other our work in progress.  It’s hard to see in this picture the wallpaper I chose, but it’s a great Graham & Brown print, “Exotic“, with salmon-y pink peacocks (if you visit the link, make sure you click the thumbnail of the wallpaper – the actual picture on the site doesn’t do it justice).  My vision is to wallpaper one or two walls in this fun print, then paint the remaining walls a matching pink.

a little more funky... "The Color Purple"

a little more funky..."the color purple"

This is another idea, which I really love, but may not be the best choice to create a uniform flow in her house.  The concept is essentially the same, with the gorgeous purple damask wallpaper from Graham & Brown on one or two walls (it’s a raised print – really cool), and the other walls a complementary lilac.

As I work with her I’ll create more idea boards and be sure to post them here, as well as the work in progress and final result!