Crate & Barrel's Avery Bombe Chest

Avery Bombe Chest

I got the latest Crate & Barrel catalog earlier this week, “25% off custom upholstery” emblazoned on the front cover, and flipped through it while watching the Olympics last night.  A few pages in, my attention was taken from Michael Phelps’ latest win when my eyes landed on a beautiful bombe chest…I want!!!  I have no idea where I would put it, but I feel like it must makes its way into my house.

I love its graceful curves and clean lines.  It is certainly a modern take on the classic Louis XV bombe, which are typically lacquered and covered in chinoiserie!  I usually am not drawn to “modern” but I like how this chest isn’t “bottom-heavy” like so many of this style, and that its legs are slender, not coming to a claw or ball at the floor.  Add this to my wishlist!