My brain is always swirling with new ways to update the various rooms of my house.  Anchored with classic, neutral pieces, the easiest way to switch it up is to change out pillows, curtains, and easy-to-redo chairs.

One of the cheapest ways to do that? – IKEA fabric!  Not only is their selection dotted with the latest trend and colors (think graphics prints in bright oranges, greens and blues), but it’s CHEAP at $5.99-$7.99/yard, and offers a package of complementary fabrics, taking the guesswork out of throwing together a whole new look.

Some of my favorites right now are:






For example, our bedroom currently looks “fine.”  But its certainly nothing special, and I’m ready for something new.  The walls are an ice blue, the furniture is antiqued black, and we have a base of white bedding.  On the floor is a cool graphic rug in a bright turquoise I picked up on a whim at Urban Outfitters this spring, and on the bed are ice blue striped shams and a matching duvet cover.  Blah.

What I’m thinking is I need to toss the shams and duvet, and find something updated…then cover the bed in a variety of fun throws using one IKEA’s fabric sets.  I’m thinking GUNVOR, and then find some turquoise to bring in the rug and walls.  That will make for a pretty inexpensive makeover!